SoMi Magazine - Visiting SoMi Boutiques

Visiting SoMi boutiques

By Casey Garcia

For a refreshing look at practical and unique fashion, visit VOLVÉR, 5807 Sunset Drive, owner Dani Arellano carefully curates every single collection on display. 

Drawing from her experience working with a designer in Singapore, Dani offers a distinctive shopping experience from the moment you walk into her shop. VOLVÉR's top brands are from Asia and Europe with a casual yet luxurious feel. Aside from clothing, you can purchase home scents, accents, perfume and even request floral design and styling services.

For summer, Dani suggests adding the following items to your closet: pencil skirts, high waisted jeans, a loose blouse, or a tailored suit. VOLVÉR's color palette for summer displays neutral shades such as: off white, cream, oatmeal and soft pastel shades.

Ahead of the curve,  VOLVÉR carries emerging labels such as Pink Filosofy and tends to sell out of those items quite frequently. 

Silhouettes play a huge urge in summer fashion with  VOLVÉR displaying all the current figure flattering styles. When asked to create the perfect outfit, Dani opts to keep it simple and minimalist.

VOLVÉR is a one of a kind gem in the heart of South Miami. Visit when you have plenty of time to browse and sift through every carefully curated piece in-store.