Deco Drive

Modern Simplicity at VOLVÉR in South Miami

By Shireen Sandoval, Deco Drive

Spring fashions are just around the corner. And one of the biggest trends is modern simplicity. To help us dress clean and chic is the new boutique — Volvér. It’s one of Shireen’s favorite things.

If you like casual elegance, you’ll love spring’s modernly minimalistic fashion trend.

Shireen Sandoval: “If I want to incorporate being minimalistic or modern into my wardrobe, how do I do that? Where do I start?”

Daniella Arellano: “Well, it’s easy if it’s done right. Being minimal, dressing minimal is very effortless. It’s appreciating simplicity with an edge.”

To get the look, I headed to South Miami to visit the new boutique, Volvér.

Shireen Sandoval: “Tell me about the name of your store.”

Daniella Arellano: “Well, the name is Spanish and it’s Volvér. In English, it means to return or go back to a place or person.”

Back to the beautiful basics. The clothing at Volvér is one-of-a-kind.

Shireen Sandoval: “Why is your boutique different than others in South Florida?

Daniella Arellano: “I wanted it to be somewhat like an art gallery displaying my clothes, so everything is very carefully curated.”

Dani uses designers from Europe and Asia. She’s even tapped into Nohke, who’s been called “The Best of Seoul” by Vogue Magazine.

Daniella Arellano: “I’m actually one of the first boutiques to carry her within the U.S. and it brings a little more exclusivity.”

For the blog, I tried a white trouser and a clean shirt with sleeve detailing. A sleek gray suit, with extra personality. And this hunter green number with a black body conscious skirt.

Daniella Arellano: “It’s very minimalistic, it’s refined, it’s sophisticated.”

On the hanger Volvér’s clothing is chic and demure. On the body, it’s a whole other story…

And that’s why modernly minimalistic with Volvér is one of my favorite things.