Meet Our Sponsor Of The Month VOLVÉR

Miami is constantly evolving as a metropolitan city to become a leader in fashion, art and culture. Locals have absorbed this culture and broken boundaries to establish themselves as international trailblazers, such as Dani Arellano, who is bringing a unique fusion of Eastern European and Asian clothing labels to her brick-and-mortar store, VOLVÉR. VOLVÉR in Spanish means "To return/Come back to" which is exactly what Arellano has achieved with customers once they visit her store. Growing up in Miami, Arellano has experienced how the environment has changed and wanted to be a part of the new wave. "Miami is my hometown. It's undergone a lot of change in recent years and I saw that it was time to try something different. I really saw a true void in interesting, multi-label concept stores.”

Arellano created the contemporary concept to partner with emerging labels from men and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories for the practical, fashionable lifestyle that fits into the progressive city of Miami. She initially began the venture online a couple years ago before finding her place in South Miami. The inspiration for VOLVÉR developed from her international travels. "When I worked in Singapore I really began to pick up an admiration for all of the Asian and European designers that I was being exposed to. I got to explore a whole other world of fashion. I realized there was nothing like it here in Miami, and that was my inspiration behind VOLVÉR.”

Just as the Cuban-American entrepreneur hand selects her pieces with a fashionable eye, so has she chosen to design the interior of VOLVÉR with her passion for design. She wished to create a welcoming place that doesn't feel like a clothing store, but like an art gallery with raw elements such as zinc, wood, and concrete accents for an elevated atmosphere to compliment her clothing's quality. "This store is such a small piece of me and I want to push my limits and see how large it can be!" Dani Arellano is only just beginning to revolutionize South Florida's style with VOLVÉR's Eastern European-Asian collection of minimalistic, smart and wearable fit for the everyday, elegant woman.