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The Woman Behind VOLVÉR

A conversation with Dani Arellano


Steadfast Co-Founder & Art Director Christina Arza sat down with VOLVÉR Founder Dani Arellano to discuss her recently opened boutique in the heart of South Miami.

CA: Dani, it was such a pleasure photographing your store. I admire the contemplation given to every detail-from the textured walls to the imported Japanese hangers. It is truly a piece of art. How did you find 5807 Sunset Dr.?

DA: Thank you! It was such a pleasure to have you! I like to think that it found me. Sunset Drive had been on my radar for a long time because I think this area is full of potential.

CA: Why Miami?

"You have to expand from the core and my core has always been Miami."
CA: You first began VOLVÉR as an online store- did you always envision it as a physical space?

"I continue to envision it as a full retailer which encompasses online and several physical locations. My goal is to continue to expand to different cities in the near future."
CA: Where did you seek inspiration while designing the interior of VOLVÉR?

"I drew inspiration from many places. I feel like it reflects my personality. It contrasts heavily where I came from which gives it a strong identity. The charm of Paris and the minimalism of certain parts of Asia were heavy influencers."

CA: Describe your process in selecting the furniture for the shop? 

"I wanted to create a beautiful and welcoming space that didn’t just feel like a clothing store with elements in earth tones and materials such as zinc, wood, and concrete that expressed a certain craftsmanship. I designed the furniture from scratch and had it made and brought from LA."

CA: What’s a day in the life as the owner & buyer of VOLVÉR?

"It’s never ending really! I run my business completely on my own so there’s never a dull moment. I manage my time between my online business and my clientele at my store. When I’m not making sure my clients get the best possible experience I’m keeping an eye out for brands I’m interested in stocking in the near future as well as maintaining the relationships I have with the ones I currently stock." 

CA: Where do you go when you need to reset?

"I prefer to be at home, the beach, or traveling. That’s what I love most."
CA: Describe a rewarding experience and major tribulation you encountered during the designing and opening of 5807 Sunset Dr.? 

"Honestly, it just came together like it was meant to be. Everything fell into place and it’s been smooth sailing since!" 

CA: What does the word Steadfast mean to you?

"I love it! It’s a great personality trait. It’s something we all want for ourselves and strive for. It’s what this world needs more of!"