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Debut of Change

VOLVÉR is fashion retailer offering a curated selection of brands from Europe and Asia. Dani Arellano opens an offline store in the international fashion hub, Miami. 

CEO of VOLVÉR Dani Arellano Interview

What made you begin an online concept store?

Beginnings are the easiest, it's the sustainability of things that is the hardest. I felt like an online business was a great start for me. I was traveling a lot at the time and experiencing different markets throughout Europe and Asia so back then an online business was the right fit for me.

Could you tell me a bit about your background?

I feel I have a multi-faceted lifestyle, but when it comes to business it was almost hard to avoid really. I studied Fashion Design & Merchandise throughout my education.

What is the concept behind VOLVÉR?

VOLVÉR (meaning 'To go back. To return to a place or person.' is a fashion retailer bringing Eastern clothing to the Western world with its top brands from Europe and Asia. We partner with progressive and emerging labels for men's and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories that deliver a sense of a practical, fashionable lifestyle. Every brand at VOLVÉR tells a story. The look and feel of each brand stands for a casual yet luxurious elegance that refines masculinity and femininity. Familiar designs with a modern twist are the norm. The designs exude confidence and present a level of comfort that allows the outfits to be worn day in and day out. From delicate and romantic, to raw and street, you'll find an essence of purity to the carefully curated collections on display.

Could you tell me about a couple brands that fit well with VOLVÉR?

I'm really into brands like: Y PROJECT, Ellery, Beaufille, Magda Butrym, Philosophy right now. Would love to curate all one day.

What do you look for in a brand when you work as a buyer?

I look for diversity. Whether it be in age or price range. I also focus on curating brands that set apart from the rest. I want to buy better, have better service, and have better relationships with the brands and customers I meet. Just be better all around!

What made you open VOLVÉR offline?

Having a store offline isn't the same as having an e-tailer. I believe it is a great support for an online business. With a brick and mortar store your customers can get to know the real you much better and quicker and you can actually build a relationship. Once a certain trust has been established then you can really use an online business to reach your customers on a more ongoing basis. 

You can't touch, feel, smell or experience an online store as you would a brick and mortar, but these days can't reach, communicate, and create a brand identity without an online component. Both go hand in hand.

What is the fashion scene like in Miami?

The fashion scene in Miami is very specific. It's still evolving but has many elements to be in the international fashion hub.

Lastly, what does the word 'debut' mean to you?

What it means for me is a defining moment. It's what gives you a sense of direction.